Top Five User Group Topics of 2017

top_fiveIn 2017 we continued to present the Connected Enterprise story in our User Group seminars.  Our topics ranged from Edge Computing, Cybersecurity and Industrial Networking to Smart Motor Control and Power Quality and Energy Management.  We continue to see a huge interest in modernizing legacy equipment, and connecting the plant floor to the enterprise.  And as we enter 2018, we see the trend continuing as big data and analytics come to the forefront.

These were the top 5 2017 User Group topics as ranked by overall attendance (live audience and web simulcast).  Missed these popular sessions?  Click the links below to read more about each session, see the reference material, and even watch the recorded session.

#1  E300 Electronic Overload – August

#2  Solutions for Modernizing Legacy Industrial Control Systems – June

#3  Studio 5000 Logix Designer Design for Reuse – September

#4  Demystifying Industrial Ethernet Networking – October

#5  What’s New in Logix and Studio 5000 | July Users Group