Test, Certify and Verify your Industrial Ethernet Networks

Ethernet is the backbone of industrial control system networking.  And proper copper and fiber media installation is imperative to the operation of your network.  How do you know for certain that your contractor, or electrical team, installed the Ethernet media correctly?  Simple – you test it.

Softing, a Rockwell Automation Encompass Partner, offers several cable testers, qualifiers and a cable certifier to help.  If you are an installer, or a plant maintenance engineer, using these cable checkers will help you find where the problems are.

Some typical installation problems that can be detected are:

  • Cable runs that are too long
  • Too much cable tension
  • Cable kinks or damage
  • Malfunctioning cable
  • Proper connector installation
  • Improper termination
  • Crossed wires

Easy Cable Qualifier

NetXpert_2015Softing’s NetXpert is a complete solution for network operators to manage and troubleshoot copper and coax network communication cabling.  NetXpert qualifies Ethernet cabling to rates up to 1Gb/s with a pass/fail result you can document  NetXpert determines S/N ratio, measures delay skew, distance to fault, and provides wiremap.

Certify your copper and fiber network cable installation


Softing’s hand-held WireXpert certifies network communication cable installations for offices, malls, stadiums, universities, and industrial facilities. After you install network cables, use the WireXpert, the only network cable certifying platform on the market that comes with the Dual Control System™ standard.  The Dual Control System™ increases your cable certification efficiency on every project with a graphical display, and control, on both certifiers, at both ends of the cable, like no other certifier.

WireXpert is available as a copper network only certifier, or in a version that certifies both copper and fiber optic cables. WireXpert is deployable today for Standard CAT 8, Class I, and Class I in data centers. A range of quick-change adapters equip the WireXpert with numerous functions for copper and fiber optic measurements including adapters for Class FA, M12 and Coax as well as MPO/MTP, EF multi-mode, and single-mode.