Tenable.ot, protects industrial networks from cyber threats, malicious insiders, and human error. From threat detection and mitigation to asset tracking, vulnerability management, and configuration control, our Industrial Control System (ICS) security capabilities maximize the safety and reliability of operational environments. The solution delivers situational awareness across all sites and their respective OT assets – from Windows Servers to PLC backplanes – in a single pane of glass.


Converged Visibility

Tenable.ot provides complete enterprise visibility by integrating with Tenable.sc as well as leading IT security tools, such as SIEM, other activity reporting tools, Next Generation Firewalls, vulnerability management tools and more. The platform also shares information with CMDB, asset inventory platforms, change management tools and more. Our RESTful API is designed to facilitate extraction of data even to proprietary tools, giving a more coherent view of the IT & OT environments in a single pane of glass.

Threat Detection and Mitigation

Tenable.ot detects and alerts about threats coming from external and internal sources – whether human or malware based. Leveraging multi-detection methodologies Tenable.ot identifies anomalous network behavior, enforces network security policies and tracks local changes on devices. This enables organizations to detect and mitigate risky events in OT environments. Contextaware alerts include extended information and a comprehensive audit trail for fast incident response and forensic investigations.

Asset Tracking

Tenable.ot’s automated asset discovery and visualization capabilities provide a comprehensive up-to-date inventory of all network assets, including Workstations, Servers, HMIs, Historians, PLCs, RTUs, IEDs and network devices. Active device scanning capabilities enable the discovery of dormant devices in the network’s “blind” zone and local-only data. The inventory contains unparalleled asset information depth – tracking firmware and OS versions, internal configuration, running software and users, as well as serial numbers and backplane configuration for both IT and OT based equipment.

Vulnerability Management

Drawing on our comprehensive and detailed asset tracking capabilities, Tenable.ot generates risk levels for every asset in your ICS network. These reports include risk scoring and detailed insights, along with mitigation suggestions. Our vulnerability assessment is based on various parameters such as firmware versions, relevant CVEs, proprietary research, default passwords, open ports, hotfixes installed and more. This enables authorized personnel to quickly identify new vulnerabilities and efficiently mitigate risk factors in the network.

Configuration Control

Tenable.ot tracks and logs all configuration changes executed by a user or by malware, whether over the network or directly on the device. It provides a full history of changes made to device configurations over time, including granularity of specific ladder logic segments, diagnostic buffers, tag tables and more. This enables users to establish a backup snapshot with the “last known good state” for faster recovery and demonstrate compliance with industry regulations.

Tenable.ot Data Sheet

Teneable.ot Startup Wizard – Walk-through 1 of 3

Teneable.ot Enable and Initial Scan – Walk-through 2 of 3

Teneable.ot Device Dashboard Walk-through 3 of 3

Teneable.ot Screen Shots

Tenable.ot Log In Screen

Tenable.ot Events – All Events

Tenable.ot Events – Network Threats

Tenable.ot Policies

Tenable.ot Devices – Controllers

Tenable.ot Devices – Controllers – Details

Tenable.ot Devices – Controllers – Events

Tenable.ot Devices – Controllers – Open Ports

Tenable.ot Devices – Controllers – Asset Map

Tenable.ot Devices – Network Assets

Tenable.ot Vulnerabilities

Tenable.ot Network – Summary

Tenable.ot Network – Packet Capture

Tenable.ot Network – Conversations

Tenable.ot Network – Asset Map

Tenable.ot Local Settings – Device

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