Stratix® Switch LED Status Indicators

In this “Tech Files” installment, we look at a recent question about what do the status indicators on a Stratix® 5700 managed Ethernet switch mean?  In this specific case, the EIP MOD LED indicator was “solid red”.  The Stratix Managed Switches User Manual provides for the following tables that define the meaning of the various status indicators.

In this particular case, the “solid red” EIP MOD light means the Startix 5700 has detected an unrecoverable system fault.

There is a Rockwell Automation Knowledge Base article to refer to with similar information as provided below.

Stratix 5700 System Status Indicators
1783-um007_-en-p table 105

Stratix 5400 System Status Indicators:
1783-um007_-en-p table 107

Stratix 8000/8300 System Status Indicators:
1783-um007_-en-p table 111

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