Stratix Express Setup Support

In this “Tech Files” installment, we look at a recent issue with a Stratix 8000 switch that would not enter Express Setup.  Although this issue was with a Stratix 8000, the same steps would apply for the Stratix 2500, 5400, 5700, and 8300.

The Problem


This recent problem was experienced with a new Stratix 8000 switch.  The user was attempting to initiate an Express Setup.  When powering up the Stratix 8000, the LEDs appeared to run through the typical boot up sequence, known as POST (power-on self-test).   But the PWR A light did not come on and stay on after the POST boot sequence.  The Stratix 8000 would not enter Express Setup when the user pushed the button.  Cycling power did not correct the issue.

Troubleshooting Tips

To help troubleshoot and resolve this issue we looked at two published Rockwell Automation Knowledge Base articles.

Knowledge Base Answer ID 515506

Rockwell Automation’s Knowledge Base Answer ID 515506, is accessible to everyone regardless of current TechConnect status.  This knowledge base article provides the necessary steps and procedures to enter Express Setup on a Stratix 2500, 5400, 5700, 8000 and 8300.

PDF copy of Knowledge Base Answer ID 515506:
515506 – Stratix Express Setup (pdf)

One solution that was mentioned in that tech note was the possible need to reset the switch to factory conditions.  For any firmware revision, if you cannot get the switch to enter express mode, factory default the switch and then try express setup again.

Knowledge Base Answer ID 719416

Another troubleshooting suggestion came from Knowledge Base Answer ID 719416.  This Tech Note provided a solution for a Stratix  switch that did not complete its boot up (POST) sequence.  Realizing that the PWR A LED was not coming on solid green, the consdieration was that the switch was not completing its boot sequence.  The solution was to use the blue console cable and Command Line Interface to force the switch to boot.

PDF copy of Knowledge Base Answer ID 719416:
719416 – Stratix 5700_8000_8300 not booting up (pdf)

The Solution

In this case, the use of the Answer ID 719416 was the solution.  The user was able to force the switch to complete its boot sequence, and then they could use the Express Setup procedure as documented in AID 515506.

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