Stop Hand Icon Displays on PanelView™ Plus Terminal

In this “Tech Files” installment, we update a previous Tech Files article originally posted a year ago,

This is becoming a common tech support issue with our PanelView™ Plus customers.  Upon replacing an older display module while keeping the original logic module, a user finds the following “friendly gesture” displayed on their screen.

PVP Stop Hand Icon

The main reason for this “stop hand icon” is that the PanelView Plus product line is in transition to newer technology with LED backlights.  FactoryTalk View Machine Edition 5.00, 4.00, or 3.20 firmware packages are incompatible with these new LED backlight displays and the use of newer firmware is required.

Knowledge Base Answer ID 62814

The issue was addressed in Rockwell Automation’s Knowledge Base Answer ID 62814.  In that tech note, the following causes and solutions were provided.

Cause 1

Using a newer Display module with an older Logic Module.

Solution 1

Newer Display modules for PanelView Plus 700 thru 1500 are LED Series Displays, and only firmware versions 5.10.11 or later are supported. Refer to LED Display Modules Installation Instructions (Publication Number 2711P-IN030) for full details.

You can follow 25776 – PanelView Plus Firmware Upgrade Wizard (FUW) Utility for the firmware update.

Cause 2

Using a newer High-Bright Display module with an older Logic Module.

Solution 2

Catalog number 2711P-RDT12H Series B is an LED display, and only versions 5.10.16 or later are supported.

You can follow 25776 – PanelView Plus Firmware Upgrade Wizard (FUW) Utility to perform a firmware update.

Cause 3

Problems with the actual hardware make the icon appear, to prevent you from making an unsafe selection on the screen. This icon may appear when:

  • The Backlight is failing, or has already failed
  • Touching several times the panel too quickly
  • Sometimes when going into or coming out of the Screen Saver

Solution 3

Simply power-cycling once may fix the issue. If the icon does not go away after a couple of power cycles, the PanelView Plus terminal should be sent in for repair.

Knowledge Base Answer ID 581110

Further clarification about the course of action to resolve the LED backlight firmware incompatibility is documented in Rockwell Automation’s Knowledge Base Answer ID 581110.

You may not need to change your firmware version. In most cases, the terminal software version does not need to match the application version.  A terminal with newer firmware supports the application without downgrading terminal firmware to match application version. For a .mer application to properly run on a PanelView Plus 700…1500 terminal, the version of FactoryTalk View ME does not need to match the version of your .mer application file. Software installed on PanelView Plus terminals and shipped from Rockwell Automation supports ME application versions as early as version 3.2 .mer. For example, a terminal installed with FactoryTalk View ME version 7.0 will run a ME 3.2 and later application.

If you require a specific FactoryTalk View ME version for a certified application, contact Rockwell Automation Technical Support to make sure that the FactoryTalk View ME version is supported for your hardware’s display module series.

Each display module has a catalog number and a series letter. The series letter differentiates a light-emitting diode (LED) backlit display from a cold-cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) backlit display. You can find the series letter on the back of the display. Refer to the table below to identify the type of display.  If you are replacing a 12-inch or 15-inch CCFL display with an LED display, you must upgrade the terminal firmware.

 Display Size  Cat. Nos. LED Series Displays CCFL Series Displays
 15-inch 2711P-RDK15C, 2711P-RDT15C,
2711P-RDB15C, 2711P-RDT15AG
 Series C  Series B
 12-inch 2711P-RDK12C, 2711P-RDK12CK,
2711P-RDT12C, 2711P-RDT12CK
2711P-RDT12AG, 2711P-RDB12C,
 Series D  Series C or earlier

If you have an LED series display, only FactoryTalk View ME versions 5.10.11 or later are supported. Refer to the LED Display Module Installation Instructions Rockwell Automation Publication 2711P-IN030, if necessary.

If you have a CCFL series display, contact Technical Support to obtain FactoryTalk View Machine Edition firmware update packages for versions 5.00, 4.00, or 3.20 for the PanelView Plus.




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