Solution Spotlight: Stratus ftServers

It’s an always-on world.  In every facet of our life, we expect to have reliable delivery of all our resources – from traditional utilities such as power and water, to today’s demands for internet connectivity and access to data.

That need for “always-on” is vital in our industrial automation applications as well.  Downtime in the system is loss of money.

Stratus’ ftServer—complete with hardware, software and services—is an operationally simple platform that will keep your applications running with no downtime or data loss.

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ftServer is a fully integrated, continuously available hardware and software solution for running tier 1 business critical workloads and manufacturing operations and control applications. Offering better than 5 nines availability, ftServer eliminates unplanned downtime and data loss, and ensures all transactions are processed and applications are available, helping companies maximize revenue, production quality, and productivity. Unlike other high availability solutions, ftServer is easy to deploy, manage and service, making it ideal for remote locations, or environments with IT resource constraints. A single, turnkey solution leverages industry standard components to deliver industry leading RAS, accelerating time to value, simplifying management, and lowering total cost of ownership.

Key benefits

ftServer is a fully integrated continuously available platform that helps companies maximize revenue, quality, and productivity:

No unplanned downtime:Ensure application availability despite component failures. Ride through transient errors and power spikes that would take down other x86 systems

No data corruption or data loss:Ensure all transactions are processed. Protect the integrity of both committed and in-flight data

Simplified deployment:Get instant continuous availability without having to modify your software applications or write failover scripts

Simplified management:Save time and effort with self-monitoring hardware, automated parts replacement, and customer replaceable subsystems

Lower total cost of ownership:Save up to 40% when you factor in acquisition, deployment, management, and unplanned downtime costs

ftServer models

Stratus as an Rockwell Automation Encompass Partner

Stratus paired with Rockwell Automation is the best combined server solution and Industrial Automation (IA) application for removing the complexity from availability while creating a secure Connected Enterprise.

Stratus delivers continuous availability for Rockwell’s FactoryTalk® View SE, FactoryTalk Historian, FactoryTalk ProductionCentre and other critical plant applications.


Learn more about Stratus and Rockwell Automation’s strategic partnership at

Want to learn more?

The Reynolds Company and Stratus will host a technical seminar on the ftServer, on Wednesday, January 31, 2018, in Baton Rouge.

Learn more about that seminar and register by clicking here.