Softing Extends eATM tManager Connectivity from the ControlLogix PLC to the Cloud

The tManager that connects Rockwell Automation ControlLogix PLCs to databases, now connects ControlLogix PLCs to the Cloud using the MQTT protocol.


Softing Inc. has introduced cloud connectivity for the eATM tManager Series B, in chassis ControlLogix PLC module, the latest advancement in connectivity solutions.  tManager is one of many connectivity solutions offered by Softing including OEM engineering development toolkits, PLC in-chassis modules, DIN rail gateways, and server-based connectivity solutions.

tManager Series B replaces the Series A platform and offers an increase in performance that has allowed Softing to kick off a series of releases and connectivity solutions for modules that slide into the ControlLogix PLC.  Today, Softing adds the MQTT protocol to the tManager Series B module extending connectivity for ControlLogix into the cloud.

End users and system integrators are increasingly interested in Software as a Service (SaaS) through cloud services such as AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Watson, or Azure and the Connected Factory, for example.  SaaS eliminates hassles such as software upgrades, OS compatibility issues, and software deployment to name a few.  MQTT is a leading protocol used to connect devices on the plant floor to cloud applications.

“One of the most difficult tasks is getting data formatted and devices connected at ‘the last mile’, that is, connectivity to the plant floor.  tManager is an example of Softing’s commitment to help users get PLCs and field devices connected,” said Deane Horn, Director of Marketing for Softing Inc. “Earlier this year, we said that cloud connectivity options were coming this summer.  And in fact, today, we launch the MQTT protocol as the first method to connect the ControlLogix PLC to cloud applications.”

MQTT, a publish/subscribe messaging protocol, with low overhead, is particularly useful in situations where plants desire to publish widely distributed field device information.  tManager with MQTT publishes this field data to a broker for message handling where data is then passed to one or more applications each subscribing to specific pieces of information.  The subscribing application may be an operator in the plant monitoring production metrics or a remote expert being notified of changing asset health.

tManager is part of a portfolio of ControlLogix in-chassis connectivity modules for Rockwell Automation.  ControlLogix in-chassis modules from Softing include OPC UA Server, OPC UA MDIS Server, database and PLC connectivity solutions, and now MQTT connectivity to cloud applications.

For more information on tManager, click here.