September 2017 User Group

September 2017 Louisiana User Group
Studio 5000 Logix Designer: Design for Reuse


In our September User Group we discussed ways Studio 5000 can increase your productivity, and lower overall development time.  We’ll discuss modular programming and introduce Application Code Manager (ACM).

About Our Topic:

Modular programming is a way to increase your productivity by using reusable logic and objects. This session will cover the basics of modular programming from development to deployment.

Building Blocks of Modular Code:

  • Tag Scope, User-defined Data Types (UDT’s)
  • Shared Subroutines
  • Add-On Instruction’s (AOI’s)
  • Programs with Parameter Interface (new Feature in V24)

September 2017 User Group Invitation: Studio 5000 Design for Reuse September 2017 User Group Invitation

Studio 5000 Application Code Manager Sept 2017