RSLinx Classic on 64-bit Machines

In our latest “Tech Files” installment, we look at a potential issue on using RSLinx Classic  Single Node and OEM versions on 64-bit machines.


  • After upgrading to a 64-bit machine and recompiling custom application from 32 to 64-bit, application is not able to communicate to RSLinx Classic OEM.
  • 64-bit application will not communicate and work with RSLinx Classic OEM.


RSLinx Classic is a 32-bit application and will operate on a 64-bit edition of Windows; however, the RSLinx Classic Single Node and OEM activations may not operate properly if there is a Windows 64-bit application running on the same computer. Windows 64-bit operating system runs the 32-bit and 64-bit application in different processes which means RSLinx Classic Single Node and OEM sees the 64-bit application as running remotely. This prevents the 64-bit application from using the OPC interface; therefore, RSLinx Classic Single Node and OEM will not operate as expected on the same machine that hosts a 64-bit application.

Use one of the following solutions:

  • Create / compile custom application as 32-bit application
  • Use RSLinx Classic Gateway (additional licence required for this product)
  • Use FactoryTalk Gateway (additional licence required for this product)

For more information about RSLinx and FactoryTalk Linx, visit the product page:



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