Rockwell Automation Set to Release the New CompactLogix 5480

5069 CompactLogix 5480 Controllers
CompactLogix 5480

Rockwell Automation is set to release the long-awaited CompactLogix 5480. The 5480 was introduced 2 years ago, but was delayed in its release until now. The Bulletin 5069 CompactLogix 5480 controller is a real-time controller with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise running in parallel to the Logix control engine. The CompactLogix 5480 uses the same re-architected control engine deployed in the ControlLogix 5580 and CompactLogix 5380 controllers. But with the Commercial Operating System (COS) onboard, the 5480 can also support embedded Windows applications, such as analytics, data gathering, and predictive computations.

Key features of the CompactLogix 5480

  • Provides a Logix based real-time controller that runs an instance of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
  • Supported in Studio 5000 Logix Designer version 32
  • Is ideal for mid-size to large applications requiring high performance control and data throughput
  • Enables high-speed I/O, motion control, and Device Level Ring/Linear topologies
  • Includes three GbE Ethernet/IP ports that enable high-speed communications, I/O, and motion control (two are configurable, and support Dual IP address or Device Level Ring)
  • Includes one GbE Ethernet port as a dedicated commercial OS network interface
  • Supports up to 31 local Bulletin 5069 Compact I/O modules
  • Offers enhanced security features that include digitally-signed controller firmware, controller-based change detection, and a log of role-based access control to routines and Add-On instructions
  • Allows users to deploy Windows 10 based off the shelf and/or custom applications while tightly integrated with real time Logix control
  • Includes integrated DisplayPort for high definition industrial monitor connectivity
  • Includes two USB 3.0 ports for OS peripheral and expanded data storage capability

Functions Like a Computer

The Commercial Operating System (COS) is an industrial computer that runs in parallel with Logix control engine and supports the following actions:

  • The COS performs Windows-based computing and has the same reliability as other Windows-based products.
  • The installation and use of third-party software applications.
  • Installation and use of Rockwell Automation applications that are used with a Logix 5000 control system. For example, you can install and run the following applications from the COS:
    • FactoryTalk Linx software
    • FactoryTalk View SE Station software
  • You can transfer data between the COS and the Logix control engine.
  • You can use ports on the bottom of the controller to make connections that are typically made with a computer. For example, you can connect a wireless mouse and keyboard to the controller instead of to a computer.

Additional information about the CompactLogix 5480:

Several resources have been made available for the CompactLogix 5480 CPU, such as a Product Profile datasheet, user manual and installation instructions.

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