Resources for ICS Modernization

Aging industrial control systems (ICS) are risks to maintaining operations of your critical facility assets. Facility engineers are faced with important decisions on what to do with their aging infrastructure. We’ve provided resources and useful links to help you plan and execute your ICS modernization projects.

Visit our new Modernization Solutions resources page for the most up to date information.  Below are links to tools and resources to help you start your modernization journey.

Migration Tools and Resources

Integrated Architecture Builder (IAB)
Download Integrated Architecture Builder 
PLC-5 to ControlLogix Migration Wizard – Lab
SLC to CompactLogix Migration Wizard – Lab

Rockwell Automation Product Selection Tools
Link to Available Product Selection Tools – ProposalWorks, IAB, Crossworks

Rockwell Automation Product Compatibility and Download Center
Link to PCDC – Check compatibility of various hardware and software combinations

Rockwell Automation Product Lifecycle Status
Link to Product Lifecycle Status – lookup product lifecycle status and suggested replacements

Rockwell Automation Modernization Support
Link to Modernization Support Resources


PLC-5 (1771):
Migration Profile: PLC-5 Controllers and 1771 I/O to ControlLogix
IO Wiring Conversion System 1492-sg121_-en-p
PLC-5 Modernization Solutions Presentation

Migration Profile: SLC to CompactLogix
SLC-500 Modernization Solutions Presentation

MicroLogix 1000:
Migration Profile: MicroLogix 1000 to Micro800
Migration Guide: MicroLogix 1000 to Micro800
MicroLogix Modernization Solutions Presentation

MicroLogix 1500:
Migration Profile: MicroLogix 1500
Migration Guide: MicroLogix 1500
MicroLogix Modernization Solutions Presentation

Operator Interfaces

PanelView Standard:
Migration Guide: PanelView Standard
PanelView Modernization Solutions Presentation

PanelView Plus:
Migration Guide: PanelView Plus
PanelView Modernization Solutions Presentation

PanelView Plus 6:
Migration Guide: PanelView Plus 6
PanelView Modernization Solutions Presentation

Industrial Networks

Legacy Network Modernization Solutions Presentation

ProSoft Technology
ProSoft offers a number of migration gateways and in-chassis modules, all allowing you to upgrade in phases when replacing legacy controllers with an Allen-Bradley PAC. The gateways allow your new PAC to control your existing I/O.
DH+ and RIO Modernization Solutions
Migration Gateways and In-chassis Modules

HMS Anybus
Anybus Gateway Selector