Product Spotlight: ControlLogix Compute Module

Logix performance and a commercial operating system in a single hardware platform.

1756 Compute Module ImageThe Allen-Bradley® ControlLogix® Compute module provides in-chassis, high-speed computing functionality with access to the ControlLogix processor via the backplane. Customers can now collect data at the source to make real-time decisions and increase productivity.

The module offers the flexibility to create custom applications within the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise or Linux operating systems as well as using off-the-shelf applications to enhance their automation systems.

The ControlLogix Compute module is one of the new device level scalable compute offerings from Rockwell Automation. Device level computers include:

  • CompactLogix™ 5480: A compact, powerful Logix controller with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise built-in
  • ControlLogix® 1756 Compute Module: Add Windows 10 IoT Enterprise functionality to your ControlLogix controller
  • VersaView Industrial Computers: Add robust, industrial grade computing power


Features & Benefits of the new ControlLogix 1756 Compute Module include:

  • High-speed access to the ControlLogix controller over the backplane
  • Integrated DisplayPort for direct connection to a high-definition VersaView industrial monitor
  • Provides computing capability in a ControlLogix chassis

Rockwell software or third-party applications may be installed on the compute module for applications such as:

  • FactoryTalk View SE Station
  • OPC UA data access with FactoryTalk Linx
  • Data logging and processing
  • SQL Server interface (For example, manage recipe, store recipe data, store production data)
  • Machine optimization (For example, machine to machine comparisons)
  • Communication gateway to read/write to remote devices
  • Add local intelligence to stand-alone or unconnected machines

View the ControlLogix 1756 Compute Module Product Profile for more information, and detailed specifications.

There are two catalog numbers to choose from, either Windows 10 IoT Enterprise or Linux units:

  • 1756-CMS1B1 Dual-core, 32 GB SSC, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 64-bit, No bundled SW/FW
  • 1756-CMS1C1 Standard-core, 32 GB SSC, Linux operating system