Product Selection and Configuration Tools

Last week we wrote about the online library of system configuration drawings that are available from Rockwell Automation.  In this feature, we continue to highlight other online resources from Rockwell Automation to help you work more productively.

Product Selection Tools

Use these product selection tools to help you select the right products and develop a bill of materials for your application:

Control Systems Configuration Tools

Design and develop your industrial control system with a variety of configuration tools:

  • Development Accelerator Toolkits – Access resources such as sample code, application logic, preconfigured faceplates, and auto-CAD drawings for various industries and applications
  • Integrated Architecture Builder – Configure your Logix-based control systems and process automation systems and select the appropriate hardware needed to build your architecture
  • System Configuration Drawings – View commonly used system-level configuration drawings to help you determine what size system you need to build

Safety Systems Configuration Tools

  • Pre-engineered Safety Functions – Our Safety Systems Configuration Tools provide guidance for a specific safety function based on functional requirement, equipment selection, and performance level requirement.
  • Safety Automation Builder – Use this free software tool to help simplify machinery safety design. This tool guides you through the development of your safety system including safety system layout, product selection, and safety analysis.

Power and Motion Systems

Simplify the design and development of your power and motion systems with a variety of tools and resources.

  • CENTERLINE Builder Tool – Design your CENTERLINE® MCC line up and generate a layout drawing, single-line diagram and typical schematic drawings customized to your project requirements. Log in required.
  • IntelliCENTER Savings Calculator – Use our IntelliCENTER® Savings Calculator to display the cost savings of using intelligent integrated power and automation solutions for your application needs.
  • Motion Analyzer – Size and select your motion control system with this web-based tool to help design and validate new machine concepts without purchasing or installing physical equipment.
  • MCS Star for Starters – Use existing catalog numbers or selection criteria to configure MCS™ Star for starters with rated motor voltages from 230…690V. This tool provides the wiring drawings for the starters you choose and helps you configure mounting system assembliesDownload MCS Star from the Product Selection Toolbox executable file.
  • Global Short-Circuit Current Ratings (SCCR) Tool – Our Global SCCR tool provides coordinated high-fault branch circuit solutions for motor starters, soft-starters, and component drives.