Power Quality and Energy Monitoring Solutions

March 2016 New Orleans Users Group
Power Quality and Energy Monitoring Solutions for Your Industrial Facility

Our March Users Group seminar topic was a look at power quality and energy monitoring solutions for your industrial facility.

About our topic:
To remain competitive in today’s marketplace, manufacturers simply must do more with less. And that means improving efficiency – and reducing waste and emissions at every point in the production process. Energy costs can represent 10% to 40% or more of the production cost, and is yet one of the largest controllable costs in manufacturing.  By implementing an energy monitoring solution, a facility can begin to learn more about their consumption at the device level, within the plant and even across the entire enterprise. Knowing when and where energy is used – and both how much is consumed and the energy/utility rate charged during usage is critical to remain competitive.

Annually, the average facility will see 10-20 power quality events that can impact production.  As studies have identified on multiple occasions, over 90% of all events coming from the grid will be voltage sags lasting less than 2 seconds. There are more electronics on the floor than ever before making things more complex and more susceptible to these kinds of events.  Downtime can be trickier to diagnose, and thus take more time to get back up and running.

TRC Users Group PQEM March 2016

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