PanelView Plus 6 and PanelView Plus 7 Performance Audio Support

This Tech Files note comes from a Rockwell Automation Knowledge Base article that is open to everyone regardless of TechConnect support status. To view the original Knowledge Base article, please click the link below.


We received a question recently about if the PanelView Plus (6 or 7) supports an audio output.


Yes, the PanelView Plus 6 700-1500 and PanelView Plus 7 Performance terminals support USB audio.

  • PanelView Plus 6 400/600 and PanelView Plus 7 Standard terminals will not support USB audio – the USB audio driver is not included in them.

To determine if the PanelView Plus 6/7 OS is at version 2.0 or greater, go to the Windows CE Desktop and select My Device -> VFS -> Platform Firmware.

Look for the OS XIP file it should be named OS 02-00-000.xip or greater.

If its not at 2.0 or greater, then you must flash the firmware of the PanelView Plus to 6.10.17 or higher. Firmware downloads can be found on the following page: PanelView Plus Firmware Download.

Note: The PanelView Plus 7 Performance also has a physical Audio Output; see Rockwell Automation Knowledge Base article 732627 – Audio out on PanelView Plus 7 Performance.

The recommended USB audio speakers are

  • Altec Lansing iML227 USB ORBIT
  • Altec Lansing iML237
  • Altec Lansing iML247

Attach the speaker to one of the USB ports of the PanelView Plus 6 or PanelView Plus 7 Performance and either restart or power cycle the terminal.

Note: The speaker must be attached during the boot process.

Note: Audible alerts for an alarm in FactoryTalk View Machine Edition play whatever sound is set for the Default Sound on the PanelView Plus 6 and PanelView Plus 7 Performance terminals (Control Panel –>Volume & Sounds), and it repeats that sound until one selects Silence Alarms on the Alarm Banner in the Machine Edition app.

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