OPC-UA and Direct Database Exchange

November 2016 Louisiana Users Group
OPC-UA and Direct Database Exchange Modules for ControlLogix

In our November 2016 Louisiana Users’ Group seminar we continued the discussion about the Connected Enterprise, and how to bring data from the plant floor to the enterprise with direct database exchange modules for the ControlLogix.  We also discussed OPC-UA, and how to make the ControlLogix an OPC-UA server.

About our topic:
Two data exchange modules for ControlLogix will be covered that are graphically configured and communicate over the backplane or via two Ethernet ports.  The OPC UA Server is the only in-chassis option for ControlLogix. OPC UA is typically used in SCADA architectures from the supervisory level down to controllers, sensors and actuators.  The tManager module offers bi-directional data exchange between the controller and databases such as MSSQL and Oracle.   Features include UDT and stored procedure support along with local buffering and failover.


IO-Link Sensor Product Profiles:
softing-eatm-clx – eATM TManager for ControlLogix
softing-eatm-opc-ua – Softing OPC-UA Server for ControlLogix