October 2017 User Group

October 2017 Louisiana User Group
Demystifying Industrial Ethernet Networking

About our topic:
Ethernet networking is the standard upon which modern Industrial Control System (ICS) architectures are built.  Rockwell Automation has partnered with Cisco to bring hardened Ethernet switches and devices to the industrial plant floor.  Join us for our October User Group as we attempt to demystify industrial Ethernet networking, review the components of an industrial Ethernet network, discuss various network architectures and ways to design a more resilient network.

What we covered:

  • Managed and Lightly Managed Switches
  • Embedded Switch Technology and Media converters
  • Methods used to configure Stratix networking devices
  • Converged Plantwide Ethernet (CPwE) concepts
  • Device Level Ring
  • Cisco’s resiliency protocols and architectures

Technical References:

Stratix Comparison Chart enet-qr001_-en-e
Stratix Ethernet Device Technical Data 1783-td001_-en-p
CPwE Design Guide enet-td001_-en-p
Resilient CPwE enet-td010_-en-p
ControlLogix and CompactLogix 5370 Segmentation Methods for Networks
Industrial Ethernet Media Brochure
Infrastructure for EtherNet/IP Guide

Useful Links:
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Stratix 5700 Fully Managed Switch
Industrial IP Advantage
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October 2017 User Group Demystifying Industrial Ethernet