New Wireless I/O System Ideal for Smaller Applications

Avoid Permits, Trenching, Conduit, and Wires with Wireless I/O system

If you need to wire I/O from point to point or between many points and want to avoid running long wires, ProSoft’s Wireless I/O systems can help. These secure, reliable systems can be deployed quickly and allow you to avoid trenching, conduit, and permits. The systems can be used for indoor or outdoor applications. Three module types – Analog 0-10 V, Analog 4-20 mA, and Digital/Discrete – allow you to create the best setup for your application. Several antenna and cable combinations are available, and the systems operate in a wide temperature range. Single power termination per station saves you wiring time as well.

If you have a smaller application with fewer I/O, you don’t need a larger system. ProSoft’s latest Wireless I/O system is designed for those applications that need a small amount of I/O signals, and can be used in the U.S. and Canada.


Point-to-Point Wireless I/O System

  • No software configuration needed, making it fast and easy to deploy
  • Factory paired, secure radio system keeps network protected from intrusions
  • RF and I/O fail detection and reporting
  • 900 MHz FHSS; up to 4 miles, 6.4 km
  • 868 MHz FHSS; up to 3 miles, 5 km
  • 2.4 GHz DSSS; up to 1 mile, 1.6 km

Point-to-Point Radio Kit


Multi-Point Wireless I/O System

  • Allows users to connect wire to wire, wire to Modbus® serial, or Modbus serial to Modbus serial
  • Digital input modules in this system can serve as counters
  • RF and I/O fail detection and reporting: Link statuses can be mapped to any I/O modules in the system, or communicated via Modbus to the host controller
  • 900 MHz FHSS; up to 30 miles, 48.3 km (peer to peer)
  • 2.4 GHz DSSS; up to 5 miles, 8 km (peer to peer)
  • 915 MHz FHSS; up to 30 miles, 48.3 km (peer to peer)
  • 868 MHz FHSS; up to 3 miles, 5 km (peer to peer)
  • Radios can act as a repeater for even longer distances
  • Up to 1,000 radios possible in scalable solution

Multi-Point Radio Kit

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