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May 2019 New Orleans User Group

High Performance HMI and FactoryTalk View SE Version 11 Update
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Rockwell Automation Process HMI Style Guide

About FactoryTalk View Site Edition (SE)

FactoryTalk View Site Edition (SE) is a supervisory-level HMI software for monitoring and controlling distributed-server/multi-user applications. It provides a comprehensive and accurate picture of operations, meeting the demands of multiple stakeholders including engineering, maintenance, operations, and production Information Technology (IT).

FactoryTalk View SE provides robust and reliable functionality in a single software package that scales from a stand-alone HMI system to a distributed visualization solution. As our customers have experienced over the past few years, FactoryTalk View SE enables you to take advantage of mobility, virtualization, and other new technologies, meeting HMI challenges in process, batch and discrete applications and delivering critical visibility when and where you need it.

Learn more about FactoryTalk View Site Edition

About ISA101 High Performance HMI Standard

The HMI is the critical link between operators and automation systems. The human operator depends on the output of the HMI to provide feedback on the physical process. It is the tool operators use to adjust operating parameters. An HMI that is easy to understand and gives clear options to end users will produce fewer errors, increase operator productivity, and reduce stress. Improved HMI design can prevent significant losses to a business in terms of time and materials wasted.

The goal of the ISA101 standard is to provide guidance to design, build, operate, and maintain effective HMIs that result in safer, more effective, and more efficient control of a process, under all operating conditions. Thus improving the user’s abilities to detect, diagnose, and properly respond to abnormal situations.

Links to ISA101 Information:

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