May 2018 User Group

May 2018 Louisiana User Group
Integrating IEC 61850 Devices in a Control System

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About Our Topic:

The IEC 61850 standard defines a communication interface that monitors and controls electrical distribution systems with one common platform regardless of manufacturer. Substation equipment has evolved from electro-mechanical to microprocessor-based relays then allowing for communication to industrial control systems.

In this User Group seminar, we will discuss how Rockwell Automation can deliver a truly integrated solution that allows seamless communication between the Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) and the Logix control platform

About IEC 61850:

IEC 61850 is an international standard titled “Communication Networks and Systems in Substations” developed by Technical Committee 57. The standard focuses on substation automation.  This standard was drafted and adopted in an effort to unify substation equipment and communications on one common platform regardless of manufacturer.  IEC 61850 is divided into ten sub-sections that range from defining protocol terminology to conformance testing.

There are multiple benefits to the IEC 61850 standard.  These benefits include:  support of comprehensive substation functions, ease of design, specification, setup, and maintenance, strong functional support for substation communication, and flexibility to support system evolution. Additionally, the standard was structured in such a way to accommodate current technology.


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