Machines Can Talk

April 2016 New Orleans Users Group
Machines Can Talk: Remote Access Solutions presented by eWON

Our April Users Group seminar topic was a look at remote access solutions with eWON.

About our topic:
Imagine getting that call that your machine is down.  To get to the site would require great expense and time to travel.  Now imagine the possibility of remotely connecting to that machine’s PLC or operator interface without having to leave your office, and troubleshooting the problem.  Providing remote access to your equipment can provide a valuable resource to maintenance personnel for troubleshooting without the need to travel great distances.  But with the benefits of connectivity and remote access come legitimate concerns over security of both the machine and the overall process.
Virtual Private Networks (VPN) have become commonplace to provide a secure encrypted tunnel over unsecure networks, such as the Internet.  The eWON Cosy is one such industrial VPN router that is designed to offer easy and fully secure remote access, across the Internet, to machines and installations on customer sites or in the field.  With the eWON Cosy, machine builders, OEMs and System Integrators can troubleshoot machines remotely without going on site, drastically reducing support costs and improving the machine’s uptime.

eWON Remote Access Seminar April 2016

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Additional Information:
eWON Installation Checklist Revised


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