Location to store Activation License files on USB Dongle

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Location to store Activation License files on USB Dongle

Case File: 505357
Date Created: 09/18/2012 | Last Updated: 10/05/2016

In this week’s Tech Files, we look at a recent question about where to store the license file(s) on the USB dongle.


  • Where do activations files need to be stored on the 9509-USB-DONG2 USB dongle for the FactoryTalk Activation manager to find them automatically when I connect the dongle to a new PC?
  • Why is only one of my activations working on the 9509-USB-DONG2 even though I have more than one activation license files?


  • 9509-USB-DONG2
  • FactoryTalk Activation Manager


The .lic license files used for activating the software must reside in a directory named Activations in the root directory of the dongle.  This folder is created by FactoryTalk Activation Manager when an Activation is placed on the dongle.

The file path with the correct folder will look thus (assuming drive letter E:) E:\Activations\

All the licence files for use with the dongle must reside in this directory.


  • FactoryTalk Activation Manager version 3.50 or above must be installed on any computer using the 9509-USB-DONG2.