3rd Party SFP with Stratix Switches

This originates from Rockwell Automation’s Knowledge Base answer ID 576978. This AID is accessible to everyone regardless of current TechConnect status.


  • Can I use a third party SFP with a Stratix Switch?
  • Why is the SFP port on the Stratix Switch solid amber and the EIP MOD LED flashing red?


Use only Rockwell Automation SFP modules with Stratix Switches. Each SFP module has an internal serial EEPROM that is encoded with security information. This encoding identifies and validates that the module meets the requirements for the Switch. Using an unsupported SFP module other than those provided by Rockwell Automation will disable the Switch port.

For further information, refer to the Stratix Managed Switches User Manual, publication 1783-UM007.

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