5380 L8 Controllers V33

With the release of Studio 5000 Version 33, in September 2020, several new 5380 L8 CPUs have been released, as well as redundancy capability.

In the initial release of redundancy for the 5580 L8 CPUs, it is important to know what features are not supported. The comparison chart below provides a quick look at the capabilities of all 5380 L8 CPUs.

Available models of the L8 CPU:

  • 1756-L8xE – Standard Controller
  • 1756-L8xE-NSE – No Stored Energy, designed for specific applications requiring less than 200u joules of stored energy before transportation into or out of the application environments (ex: mining)
  • 1756-L8xEK – Conformally Coated, Standard Controller
  • 1756-L8xEXT – Extreme Temperature, Standard Controller
  • 1756-L8xEP – Process Controller, embedded Process Objects and default Process Tasking model
  • 1756-L8xES – Safety Controller

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