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June 2018 New Orleans User Group

June 2018 Louisiana User Group
Smart Sensing Update

In our June User Group we continued the journey towards a more connected enterprise, and provide an update on integrated smart sensors.

Smart Sensing June 2018 User Group Presentation

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About Our Topic:
When it comes to linking end point devices on the plant floor to The Connected Enterprise, Rockwell Automation offers a wide range of smart sensors that deliver information, advanced functionality and flexibility. All this while increasing efficiency machine- and plant-wide. These Allen-Bradley® sensors use IO-Link technology for visibility of field devices through our Integrated Architecture.

About IO-Link
IO-Link is a worldwide open-standard peer-to-peer serial communication protocol (IEC 61131-9) that allows sensors and actuators to easily integrate into The Connected Enterprise. Through

IO-Link you can access all sensor configuration parameters, process data and diagnostics. You can go beyond detecting products on your machine – now you can MONITOR your machine‘s health as it runs. Plus, IO-Link simplifies setup and commissioning while offering enhanced flexibility for your current – and future – processes.