June 2017 User Group

June 2017 Louisiana User Group
Solutions for Modernizing Legacy Industrial Control Systems

Our June User Group took a look at solutions to help modernize your aging Industrial Control Systems.

About Our Topic:

Manufacturers and other industrial operations are increasingly facing a critical decision point when it comes to automation obsolescence. Their assets are aging and they must determine the best path forward.

Although you may feel like you have been deserted on an island, you are not alone.  Rockwell Automation provides multiple tools and services to help you sort out the life cycle status of your installed equipment, as well as tools and solutions to help you modernize to a modern and connected industrial control system.

June 2017 User Group Modernization Solutions

Legacy Management Services:
IBE general info
Remanufacturing and Exchange Services
InventoryAssurance Internal Information

Migration Guides:
PLC-5 migrat-pp003_-en-e
SLC 500 migrat-pp004_-en-e
MicroLogix 1000 migrat-pp012_-en-e
MicroLogix 1500 migrat-pp015_-en-e
IO Wiring Conversion System 1492-sg121_-en-p

Useful Links:
PLC History Timeline
Computer History Timeline
Installed Base Evaluation Video
Rockwell Remanufacturing Process Video
Product Lifecycle Status Lookup
Rockwell Modernization Solutions
Integrated Architecture Tools
System Configuration Tools