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Networking Update – Device Level Ring (DLR)
South Louisiana User Group

Video and Audio Recording Index

  • 05:36 – Section 1: Stratix Update
  • 15:00 – Section 2: Device Level Ring (DLR)
  • 44:51 – Section 3: DLR Configuration
  • 49:13 – Section 4: DLR Monitoring & Troubleshooting
  • 53:56 – Section 5: Networking Resources

Audio Recording (Podcast)


About our Topic:

Device Level Ring (DLR) is an EtherNet/IP protocol that is defined by the Open DeviceNet Vendors’ Association (ODVA). DLR provides a means to detect, manage, and recover from single faults in a ring-based network.

The DLR protocol is deployed in the ring topology and is intended for industrial automation control system (IACS) applications that requires high speed convergence and single fault recovery for continuous operation.

The DLR protocol can be implemented in switch-level (IES only), mixed device/switch-level (combination of IES and IACS devices), and device-level (IACS devices only) ring topologies.

Examples of DLR architectures include:

Additional Resources:

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