Infographic – 7 Most Unsafe Gaps for Industrial Cyber Security

When it comes to securing your industrial control system (ICS), it’s important to assess your risks, and look for the gaps in your policies and procedures. Indegy, a leader in innovative technologies for industrial cyber security, has shared an infographic with the most common gaps in industrial cyber security.

7 Most Unsafe Gaps for Industrial Cyber Security

  1. Malware Moves: IT to OT – Protect Your Entire Network – that means IT and OT.
  2. Airgap Believers – IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) exposes the previously isolated OT network to cyber threats.
  3. Worms Wander: OT to IT – IIoT convergence does not discriminate sides.
  4. Insecure Controllers – Although controllers are built for ruggedized environments, they lack critical security controls.
  5. Negligent Insiders – You have accident insurance for other things. Don’t underestimate where you need basic coverage.
  6. Disgruntled Employees – Effective vigilance of any changes to your operations is an essential safeguard.
  7. Waiting Until I Should Worry – Mitigate risk for critical OT networks across all devices – so you really don’t have to worry.


Infographic - 7 most unsafe gaps for ICS