Intrinsic Safety

February 2016 New Orleans Users Group
Intrinsic Safety: Hazloc Overview, Product Selection and Applications

Our topic for the February Users Group seminar was Intrinsic Safety: Hazloc Overview, Product Selection and Applications.

Intrinsic Safety modules connect intrinsically safe rated equipment, such as transmitters, solenoids, proximity sensors and encapsulated assemblies, with control systems. An intrinsic safety approach can be more cost-effective than other hazardous location protection/mitigation strategies in Class l, Division 1 (Zones 0 and 1) locations. In this Users Group seminar we will review hazardous area locations, and learn how to select and apply intrinsically safe modules properly.

Intrinsic Safety Users Group 2016_02_17

Wiring Diagram 937th-wd001_-en-p
Intrinsic Safety Product Profile 937-pp001_-en-p

Intrinsic Safety Selection Guide 937-sg001_-en-p
Signal Conditioners Product Profile 931-pp001_-en-p
Signal Conditioner Technical Data 931-td001_-en-p


About our guest presenter:
Mason Khan is a Global Product Manager at Rockwell Automation, responsible for Signal Interface portfolio of products, this includes Signal Conditioners (Bul. 931,) Intrinsic Safety Modules (Bul. 937,) and Temperature/Process Loop Controllers (Bul. 900-TC.).

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