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February 2020 New Orleans User Group

Dialight IntelliLED Smart Industrial Lighting Control
South Louisiana User Group

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About our topic:

Dialight’s IntelliLED™ lighting controls can be tightly integrated with other systems within a facility, allowing site managers to consolidate control systems and simplify maintenance procedures. By integrating with Rockwell Automation Logix controllers, users have access to the advanced features of Dialight’s lighting network controls and can create their own logic and control systems to manage Dialight’s advanced controls, using Dialight sensors and system status messages as input.

System Features & Functionality

  • REPORTS & ALERTS Track and download run-time, real-time energy usage, and lamp hours. Custom alerts, available via text and email, provide system status.
  • GROUPING Fixtures can be assigned to one or more groups to allow fl exibility in controlling diff erent areas in a facility.
  • DIMMING Maximize your ROI by taking advantage of the easy to use dimming feature (light output from 100% down to <5%).
  • SCHEDULING Fully customizable lighting schedule allows you to get the most out of your lighting network, 24/7.
  • SENSORS Daylight harvesting and occupancy sensors help conserve energy when light is not needed.
  • ON / OFF CONTROL Instant on/off capabilities with the touch of a button.

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