PanelView™ Plus Fatal Error 3B

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PanelView™ Plus Fatal Error 3B

Case File: 2017_02_24_001

Problem: PanelView Plus 6 displays Fatal Error 3B during boot up sequence

In this week’s Tech Files case review, we look at a recent issue uncovered by a user.  The user reported that the PanelView Plus 6 displayed “Fatal Error 3B” on the screen when powered up for the very first time.  It was stated that the PanelView Plus 6 display module was replaced with a brand new unit, and the existing logic module was reused with the new display module.

A search of Rockwell Automation’s Knowledge Base found this article with a clue to the meaning of Fatal Error 3B:

PanelView Plus 6 startup messages and boot codes

The error code referred to a failed backlight.  But there was a note that stated this error message can also occur when the firmware is not compatible with LED display units.

Further investigating found a link to the Installation Instructions for LED display modules, and a very important note:

If you replace a 7-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, or 15-inch CCFL display with an LED display, you must upgrade the terminal firmware for the device to operate correctly.
A firmware upgrade is not required for configured terminals that include a display module and logic module. The upgrade is required only when ordering an LED display module to replace an existing CCFL display module.

So it was evident that a firmware update was required, but to what version?

That answer came from another Knowledge Base article that further addressed the Fatal 3B error:

Fatal 3B, Failed Backlight error message is displayed

The firmware of the logic module will need to be updated before a LED backlight display module can be used.

  • PanelView Plus / PanelView Plus CE 700 to 1500 firmware needs to be updated to version 5.10.11 or later
  • PanelView Plus 6 700 to 1500 firmware needs to be updated to version
    • 6.00-20140306 or later
    • 6.10-20140122 or later
    • 7.00-2013619 or later
  • PanelView Plus 6 700 to 1500 firmware needs to be updated to version 7.00-20140729 or later if using a 12-inch High Bright display

It appeared that the case was solved.  The user installed the firmware update, and reported that the PanelView Plus 6 unit was operational.

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