FactoryTalk Network Manager

FT Network Manager Demo Wall Topology

Visibility into the performance of network operations

What is FactoryTalk Network Manager Software?

FactoryTalk® Network Manager software helps give you increased network visibility, real-time troubleshooting and simplified configuration and deployment. Get insight into the performance of your network in context of your automation assets by leveraging information available via the Stratix® managed switch. It allows you to view your network topology and manage switch-level alarms as they happen for more improved decision-making. Experience a new tool that helps you monitor the health of your network and reduce downtime to help improve overall automation equipment efficiency.

What Switches are Supported?

What are the main features and benefits?

  • Generates an overall topology and a device-centric view of plant floor assets for
    increased network visibility
  • Identifies plant floor assets using SNMP, PROFINET and CIP™ protocols for
    automatic inventory discovery
  • Captures managed switch level alarms and events in real-time for more
    precise troubleshooting
  • Provides historical data retention for analysis and more informed
  • Offers configuration templates and plug and play support of Stratix managed
    switches for simplified deployment and maintenance

Increased Network Visibility

  • Discovery of plant floor assets
  • Overall topology and device centric view
    • Device groups to organize content
    • Individual device names and IP addresses
    • End device names, IP address and drill-in shortcut
    • Alarm indication with number of alarms and
      drill-in shortcut
    • Link details with port and status information
  • CIP and PROFINET protocols

Real-time Troubleshooting Simplified Configuration

  • Real-time capture of Alarms and Events and Deployment
    • Filter Alarms by Severity, Active or Closed,
      Type and more
    • Alarm Views
  • Severity, Time, Device, Message, etc.
  • Affected Devices
  • Assign to a user to resolve
  • Historical retention for analysis
  • Audit Trail

Simplified Configuration

  • Plug-n-Play
    • Upload existing configuration and apply variable
      substitution, attach it to a PnP profile
    • Match PnP profile (i.e. serial number)
    • Dashboard, PnP status and metrics

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