EtherNet/IP Capacity Tool

In our February User Group next week, we will discuss EtherNet/IP networking within the IntelliCENTER MCC.  As the plant floor get more connected, the worries of overloading the network become real.

The Rockwell Automaiton EtherNet/IP Capacity tool is an offline tool that helps the user qualify an EtherNet/IP network by calculating the number of connections and packets per second the configured network is using.

You can download it from the IATools website at under the Choosing an Architecture tab.

There is a Quick Start document that downloads with it that you can access via the start page.

EtherNetIP Capacity Tool Quick Start

The EtherNet/IP Capacity Tool (formerly called the EtherNet/IP Performance Prediction Tool) is intended to help you in the initial layout of your EtherNet/IP network by calculating resources (Connections, Packets Per Second) used by a proposed network.

You choose icons to indicate the type and number of nodes on the network, along with associated parameters such as Update Rate desired. The tool then calculates the resources used and what’s still available. This format makes it easy to try different configurations/parameters and see how the outcome is affected.

The newest Version 2.2 now includes the CompactLogix 5370 processors, the Kinetix 5500 servo drive, and Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP support for these products, It also adds the PowerFlex 525, the 1747-AENTR, and other enhancements.

To keep the Ethernet Capacity Tool up-to-date this download includes and installs software called Current. This software continuously checks for new revisions to the tool and prompts you with the option to update as they become available.

Another useful reference available is the EtherNet/IP Toolkit, which provides resources for all phases of your EtherNet/IP implementation (Design, Configuration, Commissioning, and Troubleshooting) in one package.