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Not all IIoT and smart devices on a factory floor need to consume network bandwidth connecting to cloud-based computing solutions. Edge computing can be used to process data closer to where it is created, such at the device layer on the plant floor (such as for motors, pumps, and other sensors).

When it comes to edge computing devices, Rockwell Automation, and Encompass Partner Stratus, offer several options to choose from. Rockwell Automation refers to their edge solutions as the scalable compute portfolio.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the currently available options from Rockwell Automation and Stratus.

If you would like to learn more about what edge computing is, read this article from The Journal by Rockwell Automation for more information. Also visit the Scalable Computing solutions page at Rockwell Automation’s website to learn more about the edge computing portfolio.

ControlLogix Compute Module

ControlLogix Compute Module

In-chassis Computing:
Compute capability in the ControlLogix Family

The Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Compute module provides in-chassis, high-speed computing functionality with access to the ControlLogix processor via the backplane. Customers can now collect data at the source to make real-time decisions and increase productivity.

The module offers the flexibility to create custom applications within the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise or Linux operating systems as well as using off-the-shelf applications to enhance their automation systems.

Benefits of the ControlLogix Compute module:

  • High-speed access to the ControlLogix controller over the backplane
  • Integrated DisplayPort for direct connection to a high-definition industrial monitor, such as the VersaView 5100
  • Provides computing capability in a ControlLogix chassis

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CompactLogix 5480 Controller

5069 CompactLogix 5480 Controllers
CompactLogix 5480 Controller

In-controller Computing:
High-performance control and computing capability in a single hardware platform insert

The Bulletin 5069 CompactLogix 5480 controllers are real-time controllers with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise running in parallel to the Logix control engine. The CompactLogix 5480 uses the same re-architected control engine deployed in the ControlLogix 5580 and CompactLogix 5380 controllers. This line of Logix controllers supports embedded Windows applications, such as analytics, data gathering, and predictive computations.

Benefits of the CompactLogix 5480 Controller

  • Logix controller with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise in parallel
  • Built-in RSLinx communications between Logix and the operating system
  • Integrated DisplayPort for direct connection to a high-definition industrial monitor, such as the VersaView 5100

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VersaView 5400 Industrial Computers

Image result for versaview 5400 non-display
VersaView 5400 Non-Display Computer

In-cabinet Computing:
Increased processing power in a robust platform for industrial environments

The VersaView 5400 non-display computers offer a small footprint, dual video output and a light weight, fanless design. They provide multiple mounting options, including DIN Rail. With the same performance as the integrated display computers and the flexibility to load a variety of software applications, the non-display computers are well-suited for many applications.

Benefits of the VersaView 5400 Industrial Computer

  • Run multiple, standalone plant floor applications in industrial environments with confidence and visibility
  • Meet the high demands of HMI applications with our quad-core industrial PCs
  • Integrated DisplayPort for direct connection to a high-definition industrial monitor, such as the VersaView 5100

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Stratus ztC Edge Solution

Stratus ztC Edge

In-Cabinet Computing:
Zero-touch edge solution addresses demand for smart, self-monitoring virtualized edge computing in industrial environments

The Stratus ztC Edge, is a zero-touch, fully virtualized and self-protecting computing platform, specifically designed for industrial edge environments. ztC Edge is the first product that, straight out of the box, brings the power of IT to OT environments, with its built-in reliability, virtualization and 24×7 remote monitoring. This, combined with its ability to be set up in less than 30 minutes, significantly reduces the IT burden for virtualized computing at the edge.

Key Features of the Stratus ztC Edge:

  • Built-in virtualization for up to three virtual machines (VMs), each running different industrial control or IoT applications
  • Automated application and data recovery
  • Automated site recovery
  • Rugged, hot-swappable nodes that can be wall- or DIN rail-mounted
  • Cloud-based health monitoring and built-in remote management services

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