Connected Components Workbench V12 includes Micro800 Simulator

Version 12 of Connected Components Workbench (CCW) software includes a new feature, the Micro800 Simulator. The Micro800 Simulator provides a software application to emulate the behavior of a Micro850 48-point controller. It allows experimentation and debugging of application code in a controlled environment. Micro800 Simulator supports project version 12 and later.

Micro800 Simulator is supported in both Standard and Developer Editions, but Standard Edition simulator can only stay in run mode for a limited time for demo purposes. Developer Edition can stay in run mode for 24 hours to provide a full development and debugging environment.

Feature of Micro800 Simulator:

  • Program and access the simulated controller from the computer where Connected Components Workbench is installed.
  • The simulated controller can also be remotely programmed and accessed from another computer over Ethernet.
  • The simulated controller can communicate to HMIs and drives over Ethernet.

Software requirements:

  • RSLinx Classic with Accept UDP Message on Ethernet ports disabled.
  • If installed, FactoryTalk Linx must be version 6.10 or later with Listen on EtherNet/IP encapsulation ports disabled.

If the ports are not disabled, then the controller will fault with 0xF002 fault code immediately after powering on. Refer to Micro800 Simulator Help for details.

To work with Micro800 Simulator, PanelView 800 terminals should be at revision 5.012 or later.

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      (the question was if the 440C-CR30 has an emulator – no, that feature is not currently available in CCW).

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