Configure Stratix® Switches for FactoryTalk® Network Manager

FactoryTalk® Network Manager was introduced by Rockwell Automation at last year’s Automation Fair® in Houston. Its purpose is to give you insight into the performance of your network in context of your automation assets by leveraging information available via the Stratix® managed switch. You can easily view your network topology and manage switch-level alarms as they happen for more improved decision-making.

Until recently, we have not had the chance to install and configure FactoryTalk Network Manager. We’ve recently finished building out a demo wall in our training room which has three Stratix switches (5700 and 2500), so we figured it was time to give it a try.

Where to start?

FactoryTalk Network Manager can be downloaded from the Rockwell Automation Product Compatibility and Download Center page, otherwise know as the PCDC. Licensing of FactoryTalk Network Manager is done by accessing the Rockwell Automation Software Portal. FactoryTalk Network Manager requires a license for every switch you intend to monitor – typically this is $50/switch/year.

When you download the installation files from the PCDC, be sure to also get the release notes in a PDF form. At the moment, this is the only published information on how to configure and use FactoryTalk Network Manager. The latest release notes for version 1.05.01 is provided, and will be referenced a few times for the steps to setup SNMP in the Stratix switches.

FactoryTalk Network Manager__1.05.01 (released 10_2018)

What Stratix switches can be used with FactoryTalk Network Manager?

  • Stratix 8000/8300 Modular Managed Ethernet Switches
  • Stratix 5700 Industrial Managed Ethernet Switches
  • ArmorStratix 5700 Industrial Ethernet Switches
  • Stratix 5410 Industrial Distribution Switches
  • Stratix 5400 Industrial Ethernet Switches
  • Stratix 2500 Lightly Managed Switches

Running one of these IOS versions:

  • IOS version 15.2(6)E1
  • IOS version 15.2(6)E0a
  • IOS version 15.2(5)EA.fc4
  • IOS version 15.2(4a)EA5
  • IOS version 15.2(4)EA3
  • IOS version 15.2(4)EA
  • IOS version 15.2(3)EA1.fc2

How to configure the Stratix switch to be licensed by FactoryTalk Network Manager

In order to have a Stratix switch work with FactoryTalk Network Manager, you will need to enable SNMP in the switch, and make a few configuration updates. This can be done by using either Command Line Interface (CLI) or the Device Manager with your web browser. The CLI steps are provided in the release notes. For this article, we’ll show the steps in Device Manager.

1.) Log into the Device Manager of you Stratix switch using a web browser. If you have not done so previously, you may need to run Express Setup to perform the initial setup of the switch and Device Manager.

2.) Enable SNMP by going to Configure –> SNMP. Check the box to enable SNMP.

3.) Then choose the Community Strings tab and add a new Community String. The Community String will be read-only (ro) by default. For our demo wall, we created a community called NetworkManager.

Stratix SNMP String

4.) Then select the SNMP Group tab, and add a new group. Provide a group name, and then select v3 and the type of authentication (v3 authentication, v3 no authentication, or v3 private). For our demo wall, we chose v3 no authentication to avoid the need to enter the SMMP password in FactoryTalk Network Manager – but for your application, authentication would be advised.

Stratix SNMP Group

5.) Then select the SNMP User tab, and add a new user. For our demo wall application, we made a user called “demowall” and added this new user to the demowall group for v3 SNMP.

Stratix SNMP User

6.) Last step inside the Stratix switch is to enable SSH. Choose Admin –> Access Management, and select to enable SSH. Press Submit.

Stratix SNMP SSH

Once SNMP and SSH is enabled in the Stratix switch, it can be licensed in FactoryTalk Network Manager.

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