Cloud-Based Rockwell Automation Software Labs

Cloud computing has changed the way we work, collaborate, and store our data.  Now with the capabilities of cloud-computing, we can bring Rockwell Automation’s hand’s-on software labs to you.  The same labs that are offered at such events as Automation Fair, TechED, or Rockwell Automation on the Move, can now be performed right at your own desk.  All you need is a standard web browser and an internet connection.

Rockwell Automation now utilizes a cloud based infrastructure (cbi) to offer their most popular software labs.  Upon your request, we can create an online instance of the lab, and provide you a link to access it.

In the list below are some of the basic labs currently available that can easily be performed on your own.  Visit our Cloud-Based Workshop page to request a lab,, or contact you local Reynolds Company account manage or specialist for more information.

Title Description
FactoryTalk Asset Centre Basic HOL SL-FactoryTalk Asset Centre Basic HOL-This is a Hands-on lab for FactoryTalk AssetCentre. This lab has two main sections: Operate and Design.
FactoryTalk Asset Centre Advanced HOL SL-FactoryTalk Asset Centre Advanced HOL-This lab has two main sections: Basic and Advanced, with the latter comprised of a series of stand-alone appendices.
Modernization Workshop SL-Modernization Workshop- This image was created for the Modernization Workshop which is a full day event targeting customers using a legacy or competitive HMI solution. Alternatively, the lab can be used competency training on integrating FactoryTalk View SE and FactoryTalk Alarms & Events with FactoryTalk VantagePoint, and FactoryTalk AssetCentre.
PlantPAx Process Application Development Lab SL-PlantPAx Process Application Development Lab-This lab will familiarize the user with the steps necessary to start development of a PlantPAx™ DCS using Studio 5000 Architect and the Rockwell Automation Library of Process Objects.
PlantPAx System Integrator Lab  SL-PlantPAx System Integrator Lab 2017 -This lab is modeled from the PlantPAx Application Configuration User Manual. It will walk you through the suggested steps necessary to start the development of a PlantPAx DCS.
VZ07 – FT View SE Introductory Lab SL-VZ07 – FT View SE Introductory Lab-This hands-on lab provides you with an opportunity to explore introductory features of FactoryTalk View Site Edition (FactoryTalk View SE).