CCW 11 Feature Pack Released

Rockwell Automation has released a “Feature Pack” for Connected Components Workbench Version 11.  The Version 11 Feature Pack provides improved scalability and reusability.  The Feature Pack brings a “Logix-Like” experience to CCW to help users that are familiar with MicroLogix and SLC-500 RSLogix 500 programming.

Benefits of the Feature Pack include:

  • Program in their preferred environment by switching instruction names between default IEC and Logix themes
  • Shorten Micro800 controller programming time by entering and modifying ladder rungs quickly using similar workflows as RSLogix 500 and Studio 5000 Logix Designer software
  • Search for and add instructions with ease using Instruction Toolbar
  • Share code between Connected Components Workbench and Studio 5000 Logix Designer software using copy/paste or a converter tool
  • Improve controller integration with PanelView 800 tag import/export function for CompactLogix 5370 controllers and Micro800 controllers

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Official Rockwell Automation Press Release:

Software Reduces Design Time for Standalone Machines

Machine builders can now get standalone machines to market faster using a newly updated design and configuration software. The latest release of the Connected Components Workbench software from Rockwell Automation will be more familiar to Logix users and includes new features to help reduce programming time. It provides controller programming, device configuration and human-machine interface editing for Rockwell Automation hardware.

A new instruction toolbar organizes programming elements into tabs. This allows designers to easily search, drag and drop instructions into the ladder logic editor. For designers who prefer the keyboard, ladder logic can be quickly entered in ASCII text. Designers also can now switch instruction names from the default IEC theme to a Logix theme. This can help them be more efficient by programming machines using their preferred terminology.

“Designers who use the RSLogix 500 or Studio 5000 Logix Designer software will now have a more familiar design environment in the Connected Components Workbench software due to a more seamless and standardized design experience,” said Thomas Sugimoto, product marketing manager, Rockwell Automation. “It also reduces training and simplifies maintenance for technicians by providing a consistent monitoring and debugging environment across a wider range of machines.”

Designers can now copy and paste code from the Connected Components Workbench software to the RSLogix 500 or Studio 5000 software and vice versa. This ability to reuse code can help designers modernize their small standalone machines from Allen-Bradley MicroLogix controllers to Micro800 controllers. It also can help them standardize larger machines that use Allen-Bradley CompactLogix controllers.

The Connected Components Workbench software supports all Micro800 controllers, including the new Micro870 programmable logic controller (PLC). This controller can be used in place of multiple micro PLCs in large standalone smart machines or systems. The software also supports the PanelView 800 graphic terminals, PowerFlex drives, SMC soft starters, Kinetix component servo drives and various safety devices such as the Guardmaster 440C-CR30 safety relay and GuardShield 450L light curtain.