Building the Modern DCS

September 2016 Louisiana Users Group
Building the Modern DCS: PlantPAx

In our September Users Group seminar we took a look at building the modern DCS.  The modern DCS can deliver the same core capabilities of a traditional system while addressing many of its inherent challenges. Built on contemporary technology, a modern process platform enables plant-wide control, greater scalability and improved connectivity with IT and business systems. Some elements of the modern DCS are:

Optimized, Plant-Wide Control
Leveraging scalable, multidisciplined control technology, a modern DCS is based on a common automation technology with the other automation systems required in the plant. This enables seamless integration between the system and the balance of the plant, including process, discrete, safety and power systems.

Scalable, Modular Architectures
A modern DCS provides scalable system capabilities, such as HMI, batch management and data collection that don’t require a server or workstation.

Secure, Information-Enabled Designs
Based on a common IT infrastructure, a modern control system supports the use of commercial off-the-shelf servers, workstations and servers, as well as the adoption of the latest IT technology for automation. Additionally, a modern DCS is built on a foundation that uses open standards, such as Internet Protocol (IP) and EtherNet/IP™ to support a range of industrial applications and greater information-sharing.

Ultimately, a modern DCS is an ideal solution for process-industry professionals seeking to retain the capabilities of a DCS while creating new opportunities to increase productivity, cut integration costs and improve overall system flexibility.


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