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Rockwell Automation and The Reynolds Company presented the 2016 Automation Update on Monday, February 1, in New Orleans.  The update gave a quick look at recent new product introductions from Rockwell Automation, including the ControlLogix 5580 CPU, 5069 Compact IO, and the PanelView 5500.  To learn more about the products and solutions presented, see our collection of Product Profiles in this article.

2016 Automation Update Slides:
Automation Update 2016_Q1 v2 Louisiana 3

Learn more about what’s new:
Studio 5000 Product Profile
CLX 5580 CPU 1756-pp001_-en-p
Compact IO 5069-pp001_-en-p
Stratix 5400 enet-pp012_-en-p
Stratix 5410 enet-pp013_-en-p
PanelView Plus 7 2711p-pp013_-en-p
PanelView 5500 2715-pp001_-en-p
Historian Machine Edition ftalk-pp035_-en-p
VantagePoint EMI ftalk-pp028_-en-p

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