New Product Spotlight: PanelView 5310

The PanelView 5000 Graphic Terminals from Rockwell Automation, offer an intuitive, modern design and provides enhanced Logix integration that uses Studio 5000 View Designer software. This integration allows engineers to enter configuration information once and use it for the entire automation design. It also helps you build modern applications with high-speed HMI buttons for jogging applications, … Continue reading New Product Spotlight: PanelView 5310

Logix-XT Extreme Environment System

Brr… It’s cold outside.  When it comes to temperature specifications for controllers and I/O, we often scoff of the notion of needing low temperature ratings.  But with the below freezing temperatures pushing into South Louisiana, the idea of a low-end “Extreme Temperature” is perhaps no longer extreme.  Well at least for a few days. Normally … Continue reading Logix-XT Extreme Environment System

Scalable Computing Update User Group

January 2018 Louisiana User Group Scalable Computing Update In our first User Group seminar of 2018, we looked at the Scalable Computing portfolio from Rockwell Automation. About our Topic: Industrial Environment Computers offer solutions for the physical limitations and requirements for industrial automation applications. Join us for our January User Group as we provide an update … Continue reading Scalable Computing Update User Group

Logix Learning Podcast Series

Podcasts have become increasingly popular over the last few years.  Personally, I have become a fan and subscriber to several podcasts, with Lore, being one of my favorites.  Podcasts are typically free, and easy to listen to.  Simply subscribe to you favorites shows on iTunes, or other podcast providers, and as new podcasts are released, … Continue reading Logix Learning Podcast Series

Product Spotlight: ControlLogix Compute Module

Logix performance and a commercial operating system in a single hardware platform. The Allen-Bradley® ControlLogix® Compute module provides in-chassis, high-speed computing functionality with access to the ControlLogix processor via the backplane. Customers can now collect data at the source to make real-time decisions and increase productivity. The module offers the flexibility to create custom applications … Continue reading Product Spotlight: ControlLogix Compute Module

Solution Spotlight: Scalable Computing

Rockwell Automation compute offerings scale from device to enterprise to solve analytical challenges at all levels Industrial companies that want to use Industrial IoT (IIoT) data to make better business decisions must first make sure workers can access that data when and where they need it. New scalable compute offerings from Rockwell Automation give decision makers access … Continue reading Solution Spotlight: Scalable Computing

ThinManager Demo Kit

Interested in learning more about ThinManager, centralized thin client and Remote Desktop Server management software, from Rockwell Automation?  The Reynolds Company recently received the brand new ThinManager MR Demo kit.  The kit is unique in that it serves two purposes: It can provide for a live demonstration of ThinManager complete with a remote desktop server and … Continue reading ThinManager Demo Kit

Top Five User Group Topics of 2017

In 2017 we continued to present the Connected Enterprise story in our User Group seminars.  Our topics ranged from Edge Computing, Cybersecurity and Industrial Networking to Smart Motor Control and Power Quality and Energy Management.  We continue to see a huge interest in modernizing legacy equipment, and connecting the plant floor to the enterprise.  And … Continue reading Top Five User Group Topics of 2017