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August 2019 New Orleans User Group

ProSoft Update – Leveraging the IIoT
South Louisiana User Group

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  • 08:00 – Remote Access and Cloud Access
  • 16:00 – Data Logger
  • 38:00 – ControlLogix and CompactLogix Flow Computer

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About our Topic

IIoT technology can be used to capture, transmit, store, and analyze process data to create insights that inform optimization decisions. But none of this happens unless you start with connectivity to collect, translate, and communicate from the rich data sources. From that point, you can store and analyze the information, before taking action based on the data.

Remote connectivity via IIoT technology allows end users to securely manage their disparate operations from anywhere in the world. Machine builders and system integrators can securely connect to remote project sites, keeping projects and clients separated while increasing team collaboration. Reduce support travel costs and decrease downtime, thanks to a cloud-based platform that supports real-time access via cellular and wired solutions, and data loggers for easy storage and on-demand retrieval.

ProSoft IIoT Solutions

Data Logger

The PLX51-DL-232 has the capacity to store over 16 million records in its solid-state non-volatile memory. Each stored record includes a Date Time stamp, Tag Name, Data Type, and Value.


Enhanced Liquid and Gas Flow Computer for ControlLogix

ProSoft Technology’s MVI56E-AFC in-chassis flow computer solution allows you to augment a Rockwell Automation ControlLogix platform with a standalone InChassis flow computer for custody transfer and allocation measurement of oil, gas, and water.


Enhanced Liquid and Gas Flow Computer for CompactLogix

ProSoft Technology’s in-chassis flow computer solution allows you to combine the power and scalability of a CompactLogix automation system with the functionality typically only seen in a stand-alone flow computers or dedicated measurement RTU’s.


Industrial Cellular Gateway

The ICX35-HWC Industrial Cellular Gateway is the ideal communication solution for system integrators and OEMs that have to monitor devices that are in hard-to-reach spots.

About ProSoft Technology

For more than 25 years, ProSoft Technology has been focused on providing solutions to help our global customers increase production, reduce downtime, and lower operating and maintenance costs.

Our solutions focus on Connectivity, Optimization, Modernization, and Migration challenges in a variety of industries.

We supply industrial communication solutions that enable dissimilar automation control equipment to share information and transfer critical control data through wired and wireless connectivity. We have solutions that enable a phased migration of legacy control systems to modern infrastructure, and allow our customers to remotely get the right data to the right person when they need it. We also have innovative solutions to help our OEM customers optimize their machine performance. Our solutions enable all this while ensuring industrial-grade cybersecurity. ProSoft solutions are at the center of the emerging Industrial Internet of Things and are used in every industry and in every part of the world.

Our global support team assists customers from the pre-sales phase through the entire life-cycle of the application.

We continue to identify and develop new innovative solutions that will help our customers increase their bottom line.

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