August 2017 User Group

August 2017 Louisiana User Group
Smart Motor Control with the E300 Electronic Overload Relay

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The E300 Electronic Overload Relay is the newest technology for overload protection. Its modular design, communication options, diagnostic information, simplified wiring, and integration into Logix technology make this the ideal overload for motor control applications in an automation system.

E300 Electronic Overload Relays provide the following benefits:

  • Intelligent motor control (EtherNet/IP enabled)
  • Scalable solution
  • Diagnostic Information
  • Integrated I/O
  • Adjustable trip class 5…30
  • Wide current range
  • Test/Reset button
  • Programmable trip and warning settings
  • True RMS current/voltage sensing (50/60 Hz)
  • Protection for single- and three-phase motors

August 2017 User Group Invitation: Smart Motor Control – August 2017 User Group Invitation

August User Group E300 Overload Relay Presentation – EXTERNAL_LVMCC

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