April 2017 Users Group

April 2017 Louisiana Users Group
Rugged Computing at the Edge: New CompactLogix 5480

In our April Users Group we discussed IoT, IIoT, Cloud/Fog/Edge computing, and we introduced the new CompactLogix 5480 CPU.

About out topic:
The harsh and remote locations of many industrial applications can present challenges to connect and transmit large quantities of data in real-time. But by deploying the concept of Edge Computing in the industrial environment, these applications could process, analyze and act upon the collected data, adding intelligence to machines at the edge of the network within the plant or remote in the field.

The Allen-Bradley® CompactLogix™ 5480 Controller offers the benefits of Logix control with Windows®-based computing. With a commercially available CPU and a Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system running independently of the Logix control engine, it provides a high-performance architecture with the ability to run 3rd-party applications.

This places an unprecedented amount of local control and analytics capabilities inside one device at the edge of your OT network.

April 2017 User Group Edge Computing CompactLogix 5480

CompactLogix 5480
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