Solution Spotlight: Anybus EtherNet/IP Linking Devices

Linking device can be used in a Device Level Ring (DLR)

Recently we featured the Device Level Ring (DLR) protocol, and provided examples of various DLR architectures. To date various Rockwell Automation IACS devices and Stratix switches can be node members in a DLR ring. This implies that all of these devices connected on the ring are using EtherNet/IP protocol.

But what if you want to bring some non-EtherNet/IP devices into your system using the DLR ring, such as serial DF1 devices, or Modbus TCP/IP devices.

HMS Industrial Networks presents a new family of network connectivity products based on the Anybus technology, which enables ControlLogix and CompactLogix controllers on EtherNet/IP to seamlessly communicate with Modbus, PROFIBUS, DF1 and serial devices.

Anybus EtherNet/IP Linking Devices

Easy integration with Studio 5000

These EtherNet/IP linking devices feature a custom add-on profile (AOP) for easy integration with Studio 5000. Within this add-on profile (AOP), the HMS configuration tool can be launched. When the configuration is ready, it can automatically be translated to structured Studio 5000 controller tags. All network and device level configuration is done within Studio 5000.

The add-on profile is supported by RSLogix 5000, v20 and later.

Using the Linking Device in a DLR network

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