5069 Compact I/O

CompactIORockwell Automation has released a new distributed I/O platform. Bulletin 5069 Compact I/O Modules provide high-performance control in a compact design, expanding the CompactLogix performance capabilities of the Logix platform. This system is the ideal distributed I/O solution for use with the ControlLogix 5580 Controller and for users with high processing requirements.

Learn more about 5069 Compact I/O:
Compact IO 5069-pp001_-en-p
Compact IO Technical Data 5069-td001_-en-p
Compact IO Ethernet Adapter 5069-in003_-en-p
Digital IO Users Manual 5000-um004_-en-p
Analog IO Users Manual 5000-um005_-en-p
High Speed Counter Users Manual 5000-um006_-en-p

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